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The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop (2018)

4 Apr , 2016   Posted by:

Set in 1974 rural New England, this engaging story moves through the days of Cecily, a 7-year old girl who, following the death of her baby sister, lives in a world with no music, no color, no laughter, no love—that is, until a magical imaginary friend shows up and joins Cecily on the quest to save her family from the grief that is destroying them.

Director: Jennifer Potts

Writer: Jennifer Potts

Cast: Colbi Gannett (Cecily Blinkstop) of Waterboro, ME, Ava Gaudet (Helen Blinkstop) of Providence, RI, Will Bouvier (Kevin Blinkstop) of Shirley, MA, Molly McCarthy (Amanda Jane, Imaginary Friend) of South Easton, MA, Emmett Gannett (Barney Blinkstop) of Waterboro, ME, and Patricia Fitzgerald (Kim Blinkstop) of S. Yarmouth, MA.

Producer: Erica Joseph Hunter

Director of Photography: Katherine Castro

Filming Locations: Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Budget: 30,000

For more information: http://www.cecilyblinkstop.com/