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Mirage (2017)

12 May , 2017   Posted by:

Premise: Inability leads to delusion
Sid (Siddharth) lacks ability to become successful in his job. His school friend Ram is a doctor. Yugi is a successful salesman and works in the same company where Sid works. After few months, suddenly it seems things started falling in place for Sid until Ram gets a call comes from Sid’s apartment manager. Ram finds out that Sid is indeed affected by a rare syndrome and he needs to make a decision.

Director: Balaji Ragupathi

Writer: Balaji Ragupathi

Cast: Sid - Faniveer ; Ram - Yagnik Pandya; Yugi - Arup Dey

Production Company: Independent Film - Self financed

Producer: Balaji Ragupathi

Director of Photography: Sibbi Maruthu

Animator: Balaji Ragupathi

Distributor: None

Filming Locations: Canton, MA

Budget: $600