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3 Sep , 2019   Posted by: Danharris26


With incredible authenticity, Belle Flint illustrates her journey through life as an actress, writer, choreographer and trans woman. Growing up in Harvard Massachusetts, she discovered a passion for writing and performing arts at a young age. During Fitchburg State’s 2018 theater production “The Women of Lockerbie,” she connected with an incredible community of fellow actors, and the empowerment they found together channeling their life experiences into the characters they portray. Through her craft, Belle shows us the amazing healing power of art, and how it brings us together through shared experience.

Film Details

Director: Dan Harris

Writer: Dan Harris, Belle Flint, Kate Bromley, Justin Laflamme, Jake Meck,

Year of Release: 2018

Running Time: 5mins 25s

New England Connection: Every crewmember and biography subject in this production are all local students and Massachusetts residents attending Fitchburg State University, hailing from Wayland, Harvard, Agawam, Melrose, and Abington. The production of "The Women of Lockerbie" featured in this film and the actors who's art we explored are all New England residents, and we are proud to promote their work and represent our region.

Director(s) Bio:: Dan is an undergrad film and video student at Fitchburg State University who discovered his passion for documentary through his work as an outdoor educator, focusing on subjects in cross-cultural communication, art, and public health. As an editorial intern and at WGBH World Channel, he helps curate independent documentary voices for public broadcast. Dan's current project is a biographical short about a Dine' master artist and her work titled "Irene Clark; Navajo Weaver.

Number of shooting days: 5

Camera Used: Sony XDCAM EX1 Camcorder

Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Budget: All costs and equipment provided by Fitchburg State University

Financed by: Other

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