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House Of Dreams (2017)

21 Mar , 2016   Posted by:

Sometimes a man's mind can become a House of Dreams...

As Henry’s dream world and waking world collide, he is haunted by his dark side as he longs for a sense of goodness in the world.

House of Dreams is a short film that explores the inner workings of a man’s mind - a man who feels lost, whose inner self wants answers to questions that the outward self he projects to the world can't quite get a grip on. The film asks questions about consciousness, about existence, and what it means to be a human being in these times without presuming to provide answers for the viewer.
The film delves into the mind of a man, played by Jeff Hansen, whose waking world is colliding and overlapping with his dream world. Dream sequences mesh with reality as our main character, haunted by his dark side, longs for a sense of goodness in the world.
As we explore his thoughts and dreams we witness his struggle and come to recognize the increasingly thin line between his dream world and his reality.

Director: Dennis Colligan

Writer: Dennis Colligan

Cast: Jeff Hansen, Janni Hansen

Production Company: Five Forward Productions

Producer: Dennis Colligan

Director of Photography: Dennis Colligan

Filming Locations: Cape Cod

Budget: micro

For more information: http://fiveforwardproductions.com/house-of-dreams/