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Two boys on a road trip by foot looking for their family after the January 12, 2010 devastating earthquake in Haiti. Every day is a struggle to keep life going. Starring Jouvens Lauture, Dave-Hirry Bellgarde, Rosevelt Prevot and written, directed and produced by Patrick Jerome.

Film Details

Director: Patrick Jerome

Writer: Patrick Jerome

Year of Release: 2013

Running Time: 14

New England Connection: Patrick Jerome is a Boston-based filmmaker and the founder/director of the Boston International Film Festival.

Director(s) Bio:: Patrick Jerome (Filmmaker, Writer, Director, and Producer) has made feature-length movies, short films, documentaries, music videos, and television programming since 1991. These cinematic offerings have received praise from audiences, and Bway 7 Productions continues to produce entertaining and powerful films. Patrick Jerome is also the founder of The Boston International Film Festival.
Bway 7 Productions’ newest completed film is Walls Have Ears, which debuted at The Boston International Film Festival to great enthusiasm and praise. The film was released theatrically at Landmark Theaters and is available on DVD.
1991 saw the production of Patrick Jerome’s first full-length feature film, Ruthless Gang, set in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, about the insecurity in Haitian society. After a bloody military coup, the newly created regime moved to ban Patrick’s film and hunted him down to suppress the views he expressed. After hiding for 18 months, Patrick fled to the United States in 1993 and was granted political asylum. He then moved to Boston and has based his film company here ever since.
From 1993 to the present, Bway 7 Productions has produced more than thirty music videos for artists in North and South America and the Caribbean. Some have been broadcast on Boston Station WCEA-TV, as well as nationally on BET (Black Entertainment Television).
In 2000, Bway 7 Productions produced a feature length movie called Deportation, which was presented in the Roxbury Film Festival in Boston. In 2002, this film was also presented at the New York International Film Festival, the Las Vegas Film Festival, and the Los Angeles International Film and Video Festival. In 2003 it was presented at the Boston International Film Festival. Deportation is now available on DVD.
In 2001, Bway 7 Productions introduced Holla At Me another full-length feature. This film was presented at the Tribeca Film Center in New York and the Boston International Film Festival, both in 2004. Holla At Me has obtained a distribution deal through Image Entertainment, and it is currently available on DVD.
Additionally, in 2002, Bway 7 Productions introduced the Boston International Film Festival. The festival was enthusiastically supported by both the Mayor and Governor’s office. This yearly festival has presented movies from over 57 countries, and it has exhibited more than 800 films, hosting more than 70,000 filmgoers.
Bway 7 Productions produced two feature films in 2010, BEYOND CONTROL (featuring Angela Featherstone, Mike Starr and Vinny Vella) and OPEN VACANCY (featuring Larry Holden). We also produced a short film, Office Rampage, and the film company is now looking to produce it as a feature.
Bway 7 Productions will continue to make and exhibit the highest quality film productions, supporting and celebrating independent and international filmmakers.

Camera Used: DSLR Canon T4i

Editing software: Final Cut Pro

Budget: 24000

Financed by: Self-financed

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