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Location: Somerville, MA
Tufts University Student Production
Casting for 10-15 minute short film, comedy

Film Description: A young girl and her best friend attempt to use witchcraft as revenge on her cheating boyfriend, accidentally killing him in the process.

Actors will be provided with food and drink on set as well as a copy of footage for reels.

If interested in an audition, please send a headshot, resumé, and reel if you have it to Details about audition dates and locations will be sent by email. Shooting will take place likely on weekends in late March at night.

Character bios:

JUSTINE (21) is the protagonist of the film. She is headstrong, emotionally driven and determined, to get what she wants. After being cheated on by boyfriend Nico, Justine plots to get revenge by using an old spell book that was left to her by her grandmother. She is a loyal friend, a fierce competitor, and a hopeless romantic.

MICHELLE (21) has been Justine’s best friend since childhood. She is overly dramatic, very emotional, and hates breaking rules. She’s a crier, and she’s very easily persuaded, especially by Justine. However, she can be quite flirtatious when the time is right.

NICO (22) is Justine’s lying, cheating ex-boyfriend. For the majority of the film he is kidnapped, gagged, and sedated. Actor must be very facially expressive!

JARED (17) is the creepy local teenager. He’s a pizza guy who has been trying to get with Michelle and Justine for years. He’s nosy, slimy, and very cocky. He probably hasn’t showered in a few days.
  • 18-20
  • 21-25
Student Film
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