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How To's | Screenwriting

Screenwriting: The Hero’s Journey in Seven Sequences

1 Sep , 1998 | Written by M.M. Goldstein | Posted by:

Former Boston (now LA) Screenwriter M. M. Goldstein shares his thoughts on life as a screenwriter and his spin on the secrets of screenwriting.


How To's | Screenwriting

Screenwriting Q&A

1 Aug , 1998 | Written by Michele Meek | Posted by:

Professional Script Consultant Susan Kouguell offers some tips on how to make a great screenplay and how to get it sold.


Film Funding | How To's

How to Finance Your Independent Film

1 Jul , 1998 | Written by Robert C. DiGregorio, Jr. | Posted by:

Over the years, film financing has become one the most complex and risky investments. Yet, here are viable avenues for independent filmmakers to secure financing.


Filmmaking | How To's

How I Did It: The Story of One Independent Filmmaker’s Experience

1 Jan , 1998 | Written by Memo Salazar | Posted by:

Some words of advice and caution from the Massachusetts independent filmmaker of Tragedy of Tonsil.