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A Woman for Our Time: Barbara Van Dyke of Stowe Film Society

1 Jan , 2000 | Written by Gina Harris | Posted by:

Exploring her exceptional career from Associate Producer of 'Hiroshima/Nagasaki' to founder of the Stowe Film Society.


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Old Glory: Restoring the Colonial Theater in Keene, NH

1 Sep , 1999 | Written by Eric Aron | Posted by:

Director Susan MacNeil talks about the Colonial Theater's return to glory and its 75-year history.


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Back to the Big Screen: Drive-In Theatres

1 Sep , 1998 | Written by Keith Wagner | Posted by:

You may be surprised to hear it, but the drive-in theater, that icon of the 50's, is experiencing something of a resurgence. This month, the Drive-In Theatre Fan Club holds a special meeting and double feature in Vermont. And, you're invited...