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DSLR Buyer’s Guide: Which Should You Consider?

1 Jun , 2010 | Written by Peter Bohush | Posted by:

So you want to buy a DSLR. Which is right for you? Peter Bohush reports for


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Time to Buy That P2? A Review of Panasonic’s Camera Lineup

31 Mar , 2010 | Written by Lee Hershey | Posted by:

Sure, you want HD. But if you're looking at Panasonic's lineup, which is the right camera for you? Should you wait for the upcoming 3D model?


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Not Your Grandfather’s Prosumer Camcorders

28 Feb , 2010 | Written by David Pierotti | Posted by:

What should you know about the prosumer camcorder market? An overview with a detailed chart of popular cameras with their features and purchase and rental costs.


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A Free Education in Film Rules

1 Dec , 2009 | Written by David Pierotti | Posted by:

The Learning Lab Series at Rule/Boston Camera Film Rental provides a valuable and free resource for the local filmmaking community.


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“Crooked Lane” Through the Eyes of RED

30 Sep , 2009 | Written by Beth Brosnan | Posted by:

Chase Bailey and a crew of New Hampshire filmmakers weigh the pros and cons of using RED to shoot the short film Crooked Lane, which premieres this month at the New Hampshire Film Festival.


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Training a Workforce for the Moviemaking Marathon

31 Aug , 2009 | Written by April Gardner | Posted by:

As New England attracts more major motion pictures, the race is on to grow a trained workforce. This guide offers an overview of new and ongoing skill-building opportunities to secure work in all aspects of production.


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At Long Last: Editor User Groups Combine Forces

30 Jun , 2009 | Written by Mike Sullivan | Posted by:

In the first of a two-part series, editor Mike Sullivan investigates how Boston’s Avid and Final Cut Pro user groups find common ground in tumultuous times.


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Make Your Film a Virtual Success

31 May , 2009 | Written by April Gardner | Posted by:

April Gardner reports on six of the the latest online tactics local filmmakers are using to attract money and audiences to their indie projects.


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Three Takes on Virtual Filmmaking

1 Dec , 2008 | Written by Mike Sullivan | Posted by:

New technologies allow filmmakers to manage projects, from preproduction through post, without seeing the whites of their collaborators’ eyes.


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Lighting New England

1 Nov , 2008 | Written by Hillary von Schroeter | Posted by:

Kaye Lites of Woburn, MA recently doubled its size in response to an increased demand for lighting and grip.