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Cross-Cultural Filmmaking: The Hanji Box

12 Jul , 2017 | Written by Emma Schlenoff | Posted by:

In her latest narrative release, The Hanji Box, Nora Jacobson delves into cross-cultural filmmaking and explores international adoption.


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IFFBoston Interview: Imagine Kolle 37

28 Apr , 2017 | Posted by:

Two girls sitting on a car in Imagine Kolle 37

Sabrina Zanella-Foresi shares how she got into the proper headspace to edit the documentary/narrative hybrid Imagine Kolle 37, which is playing at IFFBoston 2017 as part of the “Shorts: D=Delta: Documentary” lineup.


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Getting it Right the First Time

1 Aug , 2016 | Written by Evan Crean | Posted by:

First-time Pawtucket, RI filmmaker Carol Conley exorcises demons with her short Penitence, screening at the Rhode Island International Film Festival this month. talks with Conley about how she came up with Penitence, her process as a first-time filmmaker, and the reasons why this project is so important to her.


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Dear Video Diary: Remembering the Work of Anne Robertson

17 Dec , 2015 | Written by Catherine Stewart | Posted by:

As the Harvard Film Archive prepares to embark on the preservation of the short films of the late Boston filmmaker Anne Robertson, they offer a final screening of a portion of Five Year Diary on Friday, December 18 at the historic Carpenter Center for the Arts.


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Risky Play: An Interview with Erin Davis

19 Oct , 2015 | Written by Suzy Cosgrove | Posted by:

You may have heard of the “free-range kids movement,” but you likely have never experienced an “adventure playground,” a place where children (without parents) can play with fire, hammers, saws, and more. Here, filmmaker Erin Davis talks about the inspiration and making of her short documentary The Land, and the conversation that it opens up about risky play.


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Ellie Lee’s Dark Vision

1 Aug , 2000 | Written by Chris Cooke | Posted by:

A review of 'Dog Days'


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Producing Change Locally

1 Jul , 2000 | Written by Francine Latil | Posted by:

Vermont writer, director and teacher Jay Craven talks to about his latest works.


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Talk About the Passion

1 Jun , 2000 | Written by Amy Souza | Posted by:

Filmmaker Andrew Mudge talks about the making of his latest Sundance hit 'Chicken Pox Pal.'


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Get Shorter: Advice to the Short Filmmaker

1 Jan , 2000 | Written by Andrew Slattery | Posted by:

(Part 1 of 2): Nobody ever said making a short film was a walk in the park, but if you've got a permit to shoot in that park, it's a lot easier. This is just one of many useful tips Andrew Slattery, a young filmmaker from Australia, offers