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2017 Festival Interview: Winter Hill

15 Sep , 2017 | Written by Harry Nichols | Posted by:

Melissa Bruno offers viewers a rare look at female friendship in a working-class neighborhood with her film Winter Hill, which is screening through October 15 as part of the 2017 Online New England Film Festival. In this interview, she talks about how she got into filmmaking, about why she decided to tell this story, and about why New England Film was a key resource for her when making her film.


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2017 Festival Interview: East of Hollywood

13 Sep , 2017 | Written by Harry Nichols | Posted by:

Chris Caccioppoli challenges misrepresentation of Asians in the entertainment industry with his mockumentary East of Hollywood, which is screening through October 15 as part of the 2017 Online New England Film Festival. In this interview, he talks about the role of Asian-Americans in Hollywood, about seeing audiences interact with his films, and about the exciting new projects he’s working on.


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The Practical Filmmaker’s Guide to Great Sound

23 Aug , 2017 | Written by Mark Scetta | Posted by:

Hand moving faders on a sound mixing board.

Sound engineer Mark Scetta shares his tips for achieving great sound in your film and video projects.


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RIIFF 2017 Spotlight: Patricia Chica’s Morning After

6 Aug , 2017 | Written by Patricia Shea | Posted by:

Patricia Chica on the set of MORNING AFTER.

Patricia Chica explains how her film Morning After, which makes its US premiere at the 2017 Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival, explores desire and arousal that goes beyond the conventional physical realm.


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Cross-Cultural Filmmaking: The Hanji Box

12 Jul , 2017 | Written by Emma Schlenoff | Posted by:

In her latest narrative release, The Hanji Box, Nora Jacobson delves into cross-cultural filmmaking and explores international adoption.


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Kickstart The Musicianer

15 May , 2017 | Written by Casey Stirling | Posted by:

Filmmaker Beth Harrington seeks $39,000 in Kickstarter support for her digital series The Musicianer, featuring Canadian musician Petunia, of the band Petunia & the Vipers.


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Stowe Story Labs: New England Fellow

10 May , 2017 | Written by Michele Meek | Posted by:

Once again, will sponsor one New England fellow to attend the Stowe Story Labs during September in Vermont. Plus, this year, the award will feature year-round mentoring.


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Filming in RI: The Passing Season

5 May , 2017 | Written by Rebecca Atwood | Posted by:

Producer Rebecca Atwood and Director Gabriel Long discuss making their film The Passing Season in Rhode Island while living in New York and what inspired them ultimately to move to the state. Aurora Providence hosts a free screening and release party for The Passing Season on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 6:30 pm.


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Fiscal Sponsorship: Filmmakers Collaborative

4 Apr , 2017 | Written by David Pierotti | Posted by:’s David Pierotti sits down with Filmmakers Collaborative Executive Director Laura Azevedo to discuss the work they do mentoring and supporting independent filmmakers from New England and beyond. (Video Edited by Ruby Rosenberg)


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Hijab on the Court: Interview with Tim O’Donnell

15 Feb , 2017 | Written by Emma Schlenoff | Posted by:

After the release of his latest short film, FIBA Allow HIJAB, Tim O’Donnell discusses the influence of the media, female role models, and the necessity of getting to know our Muslim-American neighbors.