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Filming Nowhere

1 Oct , 2003 | Written by Jim Mentink | Posted by:

Environmental documentary filmmaker Doug Hawes-Davis goes to Wal-Mart to ask questions about American culture in his latest film 'This is Nowhere,' which screens this month at the Brattleboro Environmental Film Festival.


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Harvesting Stories

1 Aug , 2003 | Written by Michael Colbert | Posted by:

Grassroots filmmaker Nicolle Littrell discusses the making of her film 'Trap,' set in the turn-of-the-century backwoods Maine.


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Positive Force

1 Aug , 2003 | Written by Amy Roeder | Posted by:

Emmy Award-nominated actress and foster care advocate Victoria Rowell returns to New England to share advice on the acting business at this month’s Roxbury Film Festival.


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Industry News

1 Nov , 2002 | Written by D.P. Bettencourt | Posted by:

Conference for film archivists, new festivals take root in RI, and more... A report of news & events in the local industry for November 2002.


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Breaking the Silence

1 Oct , 2002 | Written by Asa Pittman | Posted by:

After risking her life and footage in Burma, Massachusetts filmmaker Gayle Ferraro returned to bring the sobering tales of Southeast Asian prostitutes to Western audiences.


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How to Be a… Child Actor

1 Sep , 2002 | Written by Amy Souza | Posted by:

Patricia Campbell of Portland Models and Talent shares some tips and advice for parents of budding thespians.


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The Soul of Independent Filmmaking

1 Jan , 2002 | Written by Sandra Sullivan | Posted by:

The independent spirit wins out for Boston actor, comedian and filmmaker Paul Wagner who is working on 'Black & Blue,' the premiere film for his new production company.


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How to Be… An Actor

1 May , 2001 | Written by Maureen Corrigan | Posted by:

Ouch! You’ve been bitten by the acting bug. But, do you truly know if acting is the right career for you? This step-by-step guide and interview with acting coach Dossy Peabody shows you how to find out.


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An Open Letter to the New England Creative Community

1 Jul , 2000 | Written by SAG/AFTRA Strike Committee | Posted by:

For the past 2 months, SAG and AFTRA have been on strike over the terms for new commercial contracts. Read their side of the story and post feedback.


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The Talented Mr. Wagner

1 Feb , 2000 | Written by Holly Madden | Posted by:

A whirling dervish of creativity, Paul Wagner talks about his varied comedic acting career which has led him from Dunkin' Donuts to 'Next Stop Wonderland.'