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An Interview with Filmmaker Stephanie Rabins

25 Aug , 2014 | Written by Catherine Stewart | Posted by:

Fellow female filmmakers discuss work, life, and more in this new series, Females in Film. For this installment, writer Catherine Stewart talks to filmmaker and educator Stephanie Rabins about her work as well as her recent move to New England.


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Filmmaker Bianca Giaever Named Stowe Story Labs Fellow

13 Aug , 2014 | Written by | Posted by: nominated five talented filmmakers and writers for a fellowship to the 2014 Stowe Story Labs--filmmakers Julie Perkins, Geena Matuson, Bianca Giaever, Lorre Fritchy, and Vanessa Carmona. From this select pool of nominees, the Stowe Story Labs jury offered a fellowship to filmmaker Bianca Giaever.


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Do Tax Incentives for the Film Industry Hurt or Help States?

31 Dec , 2010 | Written by B. Walter Irvine | Posted by:

A report rejects the states’ ambitious use of tax breaks to develop the film industry, but the fine print (and everything else) is contentious.


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Lessons Learned on My Latest Film Set

31 May , 2010 | Written by Jared M. Gordon | Posted by:

My recent film shoot, a three-day affair for a 20-minute comedy, taught me the value of running a tight ship, as well as a few other things.


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Influx of Studio Pics Forces Actors and Casting Agencies to Grow

30 Sep , 2009 | Written by Kerry O’Donnell | Posted by:

This summer, Grown-Ups, The Fighter, Furry Vengeance, The Town, Zookeeper, and Wichita all set up shop in Massachusetts. With the high demand on casting agencies and actors, how is the system faring?


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This Doc Stinks!

31 Aug , 2009 | Written by Mike Sullivan | Posted by:

Mary Godfrey discusses her documentary, 'Dumping Billy: The Story of the Crow Land Landfill,' which screens this month at the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival.


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New Media Company Spurs Political Involvement

31 Jul , 2009 | Written by Larissa Milashenko | Posted by:

Wellesley, MA native Nick Godfrey, of Crossborders, discusses the grind of getting a foot in the new media production door and the impact viral video can have on young people’s political behavior.


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Yoo-hoo, Filmmakers, Fight On!

31 Jul , 2009 | Written by Maddy Kadish | Posted by:

Documentarian Aviva Kempner shines a light on the most famous woman in America you’ve never heard of in her film 'Yoo-hoo, Mrs. Goldberg.'


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Low Budget Costuming? You Better Shop Around.

31 May , 2009 | Written by Carly Pifer | Posted by:

Two area filmmakers reveal that the closets of your actors and friends combined with recycled wear from cheap vintage shops can satisfy your costume needs -- even on the tightest budget!


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What Happens When Your Script Receives “Coverage?”

1 Feb , 2009 | Written by Mere LaTour | Posted by:

Last month, Mere LaTour explained the benefits of story analysis. This month, she details what happens when a script receives 'coverage.'