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How to be a… Line Producer

1 Oct , 2008 | Written by Kate Fitzgerald | Posted by:

If you're someone who can make a budget, stay calm under pressure, is diplomatic, and doesn’t need sleep, then being a line producer might just be your dream job, says Chris Stinson. This month the NH native has four short films screening at the New Hampshire Film Festival.


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Industry News January 2008

1 Jan , 2008 | Written by Cameron Bonsey | Posted by:

Boston Society of Film Critics will host its first-ever awards ceremony, Sundance welcomes another crew of New England filmmakers, and Lowe Road Productions starts closing in on Romeo, thanks to collaboration between filmmaker moms... A report of news & happenings in the local industry for January 2008.


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Morality and Mortality in One Long Shot

1 Jan , 2008 | Written by Scott R. Caseley | Posted by:

Screening this month at Sundance, New England natives Wyatt Garfield and Ed Yonaitis's narrative short, The Execution of Solomon Harris, focuses on one man’s dilemma when a power failure occurs while a prisoner is in the electric chair.


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Theatre Revival

1 Jan , 2008 | Written by David Pierotti | Posted by:

After almost a decade, Concord, NH welcomes a new independent theatre to Main Street.


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Questions of Faith

1 Jan , 2008 | Written by Lynn Tryba | Posted by:

In The Jesus Guy, first-time documentarian Sean Tracey depicts a man who looks and talks like Jesus.  But does he do what Jesus would do?


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Locally Grown

1 May , 2005 | Written by Ellen Mills | Posted by:

New Hampshire Filmmaker Bill Millios is dedicated to independent feature production in his home state. His latest feature film 'Dangerous Crosswinds' premieres this month in Manchester, NH with a series of screenings to follow.


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Educating the World, One Video at at Time

1 Jul , 2002 | Written by Ann Jackman | Posted by:

Producer Chip Taylor’s video distribution company reflects this former teacher’s love of learning and his desire to open our minds to the wonders of the world around us.


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LEF Foundation Launches New Fund for Filmmakers

1 Nov , 2001 | Written by Devon Damonte | Posted by:

Lyda Kuth, Director of LEF Foundation New England, talks about a new source of funding for local filmmakers -- the Moving Image Fund Initiative.


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New Hampshire Film Expo

1 Sep , 2001 | Written by Meredith Philpott | Posted by:

A new type of film festival -- the New Hampshire Film Expo -- makes its way into the Granite State.


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Industry News

1 Aug , 2001 | Written by Justin Ordman | Posted by:

A report of news & events in the local industry for August 2001.