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Dude, Where’s My Permit?

1 Nov , 2009 | Written by Jared M. Gordon | Posted by:

Permits? Insurance? Do you really need them? Yes. Sort of.


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Life Lessons from a Career Production Assistant

1 Nov , 2009 | Written by Kevin Mason | Posted by:

Larry Nott - a man whose life goal is to be the best production assistant he can be.


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Behind-the-Scenes of the Boston Jewish Film Festival

1 Nov , 2009 | Written by Maddy Kadish | Posted by:

Boston Jewish Film Festival volunteer Maddy Kadish gives an inside-out look at a Boston institution.


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Vermont Filmmakers Fight for Tax Incentives

1 Nov , 2009 | Written by Kerry O’Donnell | Posted by:

The Vermont Film and Media Coalition’s Dan Mazur fights to lure filmmakers to the Green Mountain State.


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Directors and Cinematographers: A Love Story

1 Nov , 2009 | Written by Trace Douglas | Posted by:

Massachusetts cinematographer Trace Douglas discusses director/cinematographer relations.


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Industry News – October 2009

1 Oct , 2009 | Written by Alexandria Lima | Posted by:

State budget woes force Mass Cultural Council to cut programs, Williamstown Film Festival rolls in, calls for entries galore and more… A report of news & happenings in the local industry for October 2009.


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How to Edit for Children’s Television

30 Sep , 2009 | Written by Mike Sullivan | Posted by:

Senior editor Arnie Harchik explains how he integrates 500 hours of studio, location, animated, and audio footage to create one season of WGBH’s Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman.


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Don’t Cut This Class: Future Media Concepts

30 Sep , 2009 | Written by April Gardner | Posted by:

Warp speed your knowledge of postproduction through coursework at facilities like Future Media Concepts.


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Pitch-Perfect Documentary Fundraising

30 Sep , 2009 | Written by Jared M. Gordon | Posted by:

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Sean Flynn discusses the fine art of concise pitching to documentary funding sources.


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Not Just Pulling Stunts: Leo Kei Angelos Charts His Course from Stunt Coordinator to Writer/Director

30 Sep , 2009 | Written by Kerry O’Donnell | Posted by:

From Vietnam to the United States, and from stunt coordinator to writer/director, Leo Kei Angelos charts how he has made it so far so fast.