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An interview with filmmaker Sharon Contilla about her film "Curls"

9 Sep , 2020   Posted by:

NewEnglandFilm.com talks with Sharon Contillo about her film Curls, which screens in the 2020 Online New England Film Festival.


Sharon Contillo writes, directs, and produces films with all female leads. NewEnglandFilm.com caught up with filmmaker Contillo, about her short film Curls, which screens at the 2020 Online New England Film Festival. The film shows a girl’s journey to accept and love her curls.

NewEnglandFilm.com: When did you know you wanted to become a filmmaker? 

Sharon Contillo: I wanted to become a filmmaker back in the 1990s. After having children I enrolled in the New York Film Academy to learn to become a director. I commuted 7 hrs round trip from RI to NYC for 3 months to attend night school and every weekend where we film short films as part of our projects.

NewEnglandFilm.com: What inspired you to make your film?

Contillo: This film was inspired by my youngest daughter Mackenzie who hated her curly hair and ultimately struggled with loving herself because of it.

NewEnglandFilm.com: How does your film fit into today’s current social and political moment?

Contillo: Many little girls and boys are bombarded with unrealistic images of beauty via all social media platforms, causing children not to like what they see in the mirror as a result, as well as causing a lack of confidence and many negative effects.

NewEnglandFilm.com: What do you hope people take away from watching your film?

Contillo: I hope they see encouragement to love their true self

NewEnglandFilm.com: Where has the film been shown? 

Contillo: The film has been shown in many schools around the country to elementary school children as well as the Brooklyn Film Festival. The audience loved asking questions about the children in the film; they thought the little girl was pretty and they couldn’t understand why she didn’t believe it herself.

NewEnglandFilm.com: How did you find your cast and crew for this film?

Contillo: I found them through other local filmmakers in RI and Women in film New England.

NewEnglandFilm.com:  What other projects are you working on?

Contillo: I’m currently working on The Little Christmas Ornament Animation Movie

NewEnglandFilm.com: Any advice on filmmaking you want to share? 

Contillo: Stick with it. It’s hard. All of it. But it’s very rewarding to get your end product.

Curls screens at the 2020 Online New England Film Festival at NewEnglandFilm.com.