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NewEnglandFilm.com Start Guide

A guide to making the most of your NewEnglandFilm.com account.

26 May , 2015   Posted by:

Here’s a quick guide to the NewEnglandFilm.com site’s key features. Send us your feedback!

Follow these 5 quick steps to make sure you are getting the most out of your NewEnglandFilm.com account:

  1. Add a profile bio.
  2. Add a profile photo.
  3. Add (or edit) your directory listing.
  4. Add (or edit) your local film.
  5. Create a classified if you need one.

Here’s a quick guide to the new site and the key features.

Account Profiles

Anyone who had an account on the former NewEnglandFilm.com site, can still login to their account. You can then, add or update your photo, bio and website.

Directory Listings

Directory listings now have fields for embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos, photos, as well as links to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. In addition, we have a whole new set of fields for actors/actresses including hair color, eye color, age range, etc. Go to your account and edit or add your directory listing. As examples, take a look at the listings for Rule Boston Camera, Talamas Broadcast, filmmaker Michele Meek or actress Alison Wachtler.

Local Films

In our ‘Films’ section, you’ll find all the films that have been added to NewEnglandFilm.com. Make sure you add or edit yours! Like the directory, local films now accept photos and embedded videos. As an example, see how the film Breakfast with Curtis looks in the new format.


We’ve included more categories in classifieds to make it easier to browse the job type and the pay status you’re looking for. Add your own classified.

Community Search

In addition to our regular site search, and advanced classifieds and directory searches, we now have a community search.

We also have an extensive help section for guidance, and you are welcome to contact us if you have difficulties.

Thank you again to all of our supporters who helped crowdfund our relaunch through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.