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Mass Production Coalition Advocacy Update

18 Mar , 2015  

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Massachusetts Production Coalition provides an advocacy update – your support is requested for the March 31st hearing about the Mass. film tax credit.

The Massachusetts Production Coalition sent out the following update about the Mass. film tax credit:

In the past week, the MPC and our fellow industry stakeholders (IATSE Local 481, SAG-AFTRA, Teamsters Local 25, MPAA, and others) have put together a very good team that includes lobbyists, a media strategist, and campaign organizer. We are working together alongside labor and industry organizations to defeat this bill, preserve the film and television incentive, protect your jobs and the hundreds of businesses that rely on the film and television industry.

Revenue Committee Hearing Scheduled

The Joint Committee on Revenue has scheduled a hearing for March 31st on the Governor’s bill (H62) that proposes to eliminate the film tax credit. At this point, we have no further details on the hearing other than it is set for 10:30 AM.

In anticipation of this hearing, we are coordinating with our partners and industry stakeholders as well as our supporters in the legislature to assemble a group of panels to present to the Revenue Committee an accurate and comprehensive portrayal of the vitality of our industry and the great economic benefit of the film and television tax incentive to the Commonwealth.

It will be important to have a strong, coordinated, and respectful show of support for the panels and the Committee members at the hearing on March 31st. To that end, we will inform you of the confirmed details of the hearing as we get them. In addition, we will post them on social media. In the meantime, we are finalizing a coordinated effort for you to personally reach out directly to your State Representatives and Senators before the hearing. Please keep an eye out for that.


If you are a Massachusetts resident who’s job is supported directly or indirectly by the film and television industry or a business that provides goods and services to the MA film and television industry, it is crucial for you to post your profile and picture on savemafilmjobs.com by emailing the information to savemafilmjobs@gmail.com.

Join or Renew Your MPC Membership

Your membership counts! We need your support to continue effectively advocating for our industry and your jobs and businesses. Renewing your membership and encouraging your colleagues to join MPC is a great way to support these efforts, stay informed, and increase the voice of this organization. You can renew or register for MPC Membership online: www.massprodcoalition.org.

For more information, visit http://massprodcoalition.org/

For more information, visit http://massprodcoalition.org/

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