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Kickstart New England: DIYDS & Visually Sound Pictures

1 Apr , 2014  

Written by Casey Stirling | Posted by:

Every month, highlights new local film projects looking for funding. This month, check out the 'Do It Your Damn Self!' festival and Visually Sound Pictures who are both looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. To feature your film in this series, e-mail

Kickstart New England: Do It Your Damn Self!! National Youth Video and Film Festival

The Community Art Center of Cambridge, Massachusetts seeks Kickstarter support for its upcoming Do It Your Damn Self!! National Youth Video and Film Festival. Now in its 17th year, the festival is the country’s longest running youth-curated film festival, part of the center’s successful Teen Media Program. This year’s event kicks off April 30th.

The festival began in 1996 with four young women seeking to share their stories with the rest of the world. Since then, the DIYDS!! Festival allows young people to both contribute their films and produce and run the festival itself. As the Kickstarter page explains, the festival “serves as an opportunity for young people to gain important leadership experience and public speaking skills, as well the chance to use video as a medium for communicating issues that are relevant to them.”

The goal is to raise $5,000 by April 11, 2014. Funds are needed to assist the Community Art Center in putting together the event, particularly travel costs that allow as many young filmmakers as possible to attend. Learn more about the festival and the Community Art Center, watch a short video, and donate at the DIYDS!! Kickstarter page.

Kickstart New England: Visually Sound Pictures

Massachusetts production company Visually Sound Pictures seeks support through Indiegogo. Funds will go towards several of the company’s upcoming endeavors, including feature films and web series.

Visually Sound Pictures has several projects in the pipeline. Two recent feature screenplays –Infinity and The Vagrant – have found success at film festivals, including a first runner-up award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival for Infinity. Comedy web shorts and series are also planned: Customer Service, Last Night, What Are You Thinking?, and D-Collar. Support will be spread out among these various projects. The Indiegogo page describes how contributions will benefit the company as well as those who donate: “…rather than putting all your chips down on one number, we’re spreading your bets across the roulette table to yield the best return for everyone.” Donating to the company as opposed to one particular project “allows you to see the more immediate results of your philanthropy in the shorter, readily-developed web productions until we’ve finished polishing the more extensive feature-length works.”

Visually Sound Pictures hopes to raise $38,863 by April 12, 2014. Funds will go towards a variety of production costs, including equipment, costumes, wardrobe, props, and more. Read more about Visually Sound Pictures and their upcoming projects and make a donation at their Indiegogo page.