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Kickstart New England: Plaga Zombie American Invasion

1 Oct , 2013  

Written by Casey Stirling | Posted by:

Every month, highlights exciting new local film projects looking for funding. This month, help save yourself from the zom-pocalypse by donating to Plaga Zombie American Invasion. To feature your film in this series, e-mail

Sai-Con Productions seeks support through Indiegogo for their upcoming film Plaga Zombie American Invasion. Based on a trilogy made in Argentina by Farsa Productions, director Garry Medeiros has received permission from the original filmmakers to continue the story and, as the Indiegogo page describes, “make the biggest, bloodiest, over the top, thrill ride ever attempted by an independent filmmaker.” Medeiros’s first film, the feature The Terror Factor, won the Best of New England Award at the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival in 2007.

The film will be shot in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It follows the plot of the original trilogy, in which aliens turn humans in Argentina into zombies; this time, the target is New Bedford. A fundraising event is planned for October 13th at the Pour Farm Tavern in New Bedford, with raffles, games, and the opportunity to sign up as a zombie extra in the film.

The goal is to raise $5,000 through the Indiegogo website by October 27th. Funds will be used for make-up and prosthetics needed for this gruesome horror film. To watch a trailer, read more about the film, and donate, visit the Indiegogo page here.