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Kickstart New England: Traveling to Ireland, Traveling with Gypsies

1 Jun , 2013  

Written by Casey Stirling | Posted by:

Every month, is highlighting exciting new local film projects looking for funding on Kickstarter. This month, help pave the way for two traveling projects: The Crest, a documentary sailing all the way to Ireland, and The Traveling Gypsy, a series traveling away from gypsy stereotypes. To feature your film in this series, e-mail with a blurb on your film and Kickstarter campaign.

The Crest

Help send New England filmmakers to the Emerald Isle for the upcoming documentary The Crest. Set on the Blasket Islands, located off the southwest coast of Ireland, the film tells the story of two American cousins. Andrew Jacob and Dennis Kane grew up in different parts of the country and have never met. But they share two important things — a passion for surfing, and a shared ancestor: “An Ri,” the king of the Blasket Islands. The Crest will follow the pair as they meet for the first time and surf the Islands’ waters. As the Kickstarter page explains, “This isn’t coincidental — it’s in their blood.”

The goal is to raise $30,000 for The Crest. Donations will help fund production costs, particularly the trip to Ireland. The filmmakers behind this project include director Mark Covino, producer John Kane, and co-producer Eliza C. Kane, each with ties to Vermont.

Learn more about The Crest at the film’s Kickstarter page, which includes a trailer, more information on the Blasket Islands, filmmaker bios, and more. The donation deadline is Tuesday, June 4th by 1:37 pm EDT.

The Traveling Gypsy

Connecticut’s 4th Nail Productions is looking for Kickstarter funding for their upcoming travel series The Traveling Gypsy. The program will follow host George Eli as he reveals the extensive Roma (also known as Gypsy) community around the world. George will stay with a Roma family in every city he travels to and discover their favorite, often secret, places to visit. Like other travel shows, each episode will highlight a different city and all it has to offer, but from the Roma perspective.

On their Kickstarter page, the filmmakers explain, “For centuries media portrayals of the Roma have been almost universally negative. 4th Nail Productions seeks to counter this trend by creating our own media which features positive Romani role models.” A series like The Traveling Gypsy will provide that kind of positive portrayal. 4th Nail Productions previously made the documentary Searching for the Fourth Nail, a history of the Roma people.

4th Nail Productions has pledged a goal of $18,000. This will go towards future production and travel costs to shoot episodes in European cities such as London and Budapest. Check out a trailer and learn more about the filmmakers at the project’s Kickstarter page. The deadline is July 5th by 7:38 pm EDT.

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