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Syncing it Up with PluralEyes: Product Review

30 Jun , 2010 | Written by Peter Bohush | Posted by:

Syncing separate audio and picture files used to be a tedious and expensive lab or post production process. With today’s computer editing systems and products such as PluralEyes, it’s easier than ever to do it yourself.


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Almost Everything a DSLR Moviemaker (or Anyone Else) Needs To Know About Sound

30 Jun , 2010 | Written by Peter Bohush | Posted by:

When DSLR cameras exploded onto the market over the past year, they offered an awe-inspiring improvement in picture quality over video camcorders. But they have one glaring weakness: poor audio recording capabilities. Here's a thorough report on audio recording so that you can spare yourself some unfortunate mistakes.


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Ask the Screenplay Doctor: How to (and Not to) Submit a Query Letter

30 Jun , 2010 | Written by Susan Kouguell | Posted by:

In this month's column, Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell addresses how to submit your queries, as well as what not to do. Email to have your question answered in next month's issue.


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Local Short, Big Screen

30 Jun , 2010 | Written by Maddy Kadish | Posted by:

Andrew Wesman’s Harvard University senior thesis film Shelley comes back from the Cannes International Film Festival as it celebrates the importance of small film on the big screen.


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Industry News – July 2010

30 Jun , 2010 | Written by Casey Stirling | Posted by:

Summer film festivals, a new television series for Rhode Island, and tons of opportunities to see films or get your films seen... a report from the New England Film Industry for July 2010. To report news, email


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DSLRs Come into Their Own: Viva la Revolución!

30 Jun , 2010 | Written by Peter Bohush | Posted by:

Shooting video on a still camera? Peter Bohush tells us why this is no longer as ridiculous as it sounds - and how it can revolutionize the way you make your film.


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DSLR Buyer’s Guide: Which Should You Consider?

1 Jun , 2010 | Written by Peter Bohush | Posted by:

So you want to buy a DSLR. Which is right for you? Peter Bohush reports for