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1 Nov , 1998  

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The dish on local: 'Moving Targets,' 'Links,' 'Six Ways to Sunday' and others. Also, news from local companies and film organizations.

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Well, it’s finally here!  The Industry Directory is now up and running with over 1,000 listings provided by users, the Boston Film Bureau and the Paradise City Media Collaborative.  If you haven’t already, you can also add your listing.

New Release: "Moving Targets"
Vermont Filmmaker David Giancola’s latest film "Moving Targets" will premiere on November 5 at the Movieplex 9 in downtown Rutland with a Premiere Party with the release of the videocassette version at Video World Superstore on North Main Street. Many of the cast and crew will be in attendance including Giancola. Always fast moving and often explosive, Giancola’s films are in sharp contrast to other Vermont filmmakers such as Jacobsen and his friend, filmmaker John O’Brien (Director of "Man with a Plan"). The plot portrays a high-profile NY lawyer who’s murdered, leaving his wife to make a startling discovery about her husband and become a target herself. Interestingly, "Moving Targets" was filmed entirely in Vermont, but set in New York. Now, there’s a new twist for you…

Local Film/Video Productions
Cobbco Productions recently wrapped production on a promotional trailer for their film "Links" and are using it to generate production funds. Shot by Boston based DP Jason Carter and edited by fellow Bostonian Mark Herd at Blue Star Media in Needham, the trailer was shot over three days in RI. "Links" tells the story of a young man who has painted himself into a proverbial corner. Lincoln, a pleasant and appealing 28 year-old skateboard sales representative who is romantically involved with three very different women, and does not seem to have the ability to make up his mind about which one he should commit to.Writer/Director Jen Cobb and Producer Michael Kuell have all ready locked down a number of vendor deals and deferments. Interested parties can contact them at 401-351-7058 or

Wiltonwood Productions and Sasco Creek Productions have received a Project Access Grant from Eastman Kodak and the International Documentary Association for its in-production documentary, "Mystic Voices: The Story of the Pequot War." Through the grant program, $8,000 of Kodak 16-mm film has been awarded to the two Connecticut-based production companies to support the documentary project. Further funding is now being sought from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, various foundations, and individuals. For more information, visit the Mystic Voices website at

Filmmaker Tim Clark was awarded a Panavision package through the New Filmmaker Program to shoot "Night Fall" in New Hampshire. The short film is written, produced, and directed by Tim Clark.

The film "Pray For Power" by Basic Pictures which was shot in the fall of 1996 is currently in post production in Boston. The thriller set in Boston was directed by Brad Jacques and written and produced by Marc Johnson. For more information, visit their web site at

The release of the film "Six Ways to Sunday" has been postponed until February 1999. The eerie flick which had a sneak preview months pack stars Isaac Hayes and Deborah Harry (aka Blondie). Scout Productions said that they have delayed release since the lead Isaac Hayes’ has starred in another film which will be released before the winter and hope to capitalize on the publicity.

Local Organization News
All Women in Film and Video, New England members receive $1 off at the door for all films at the Harvard Film Archive – except special presentations. Visit http://www.harvardfilmarchive  for the current schedule.

The Paradise City Media Collaborative will be moving into a new office in the Northampton area this month. To attend the the reception on November 17, call 413-582-0252.

The Mass Media Alliance is in the process of electing a new Board of Directors. All members will receive ballots by mail and are encouraged to send in their votes.

There are 2 enrollments available for the AVID Composer workshop scheduled for November 14th in Brattleboro. The instructor, Scot Broderick, has a great deal of non-linear editing experience. Spend the day in a quiet Vermont farmhouse learning creative and efficient editing techniques on a top end Composer 1000. The course is $125. for Paradise City Media Collaborative members. For more information check their web site at

News to Note
Reunion Productions is the 1998 recipient of the Gold CINDY Award for the "Employee Communication" category of the Region 3 competition. The award was received for their production, "The Enterprise", an eight minute video produced for Cahners Business Information. The Los Angeles CINDY Awards is considered to be one of the five most prestigious US, non-broadcast competitions. It particularly rewards highly visual productions.

BlueStar Media has recently opened its doors in a new Needham location on Great Plain Avenue. Formerly known as Stegman Production Associates, BlueStar produces informational communications. Currently, they are at work on an hour-long documentary for The History Channel on The Big Dig (with their partners Terra Media), and they’ve just completed a 12-minute campaign video for the non-profit organization "The Two/Ten International Footwear Foundation."

Boston’s Olive Jar Studios Animation won best commercial for their self promo piece at the Ottawa International Animation Festival – the second largest animation fest in the world. The piece was directed by Bryan Papciak, produced by Fred MacDonald, and animated by Jeffrey Sias.

The 4th Annual Boston Film Video Foundation Vision Award Ceremony honoring Albert Maysles will take place on November 14 at the Massachusetts State House. For more information visit their web site at or call 617-536-1540.

A new production company in New Hampshire Up International will start shooting a series "Regeneration Now" to be broadcast regularly on the World Wide Web. The makers describe it as a cross between the "X Files" and "Seinfeld." The show takes place in the fictional American city of Sunnyvale and follows five characters who get wrapped up in a strange plot brought on by the corporation C-Co. The episodes will incorporate film, photo stills, video and computer animation. The show is scheduled to premiere in December.