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Summer of Films: Woods Hole Film Festival

1 Jun , 1998  

Written by Michele Meek | Posted by:

A profile of the films featured at the 1998 festival.

The only festival of independent film on Cape Cod, the Woods Hole Film Festival offers local filmmakers the opportunity to present and discuss their work to a diverse, sold-out crowd. This year’s festival will be held on August 1-8, 1998.

A collaboration between Judy Laster and Local Sightings Founder David Kleiler, the festival screens shorts, features, animation, documentaries, experimental, comic and narrative films in an intimate venue.  Most of the works represented are products of New England based film and video makers, and many are on hand during the screenings to answer questions.

Film screenings will be at the Old Woods Hole Fire Station on Water Street in Woods Hole and, new this year, at the Hoyts Nickelodeon Cinema on Route 151 in Falmouth. From the opening night feature presentation of Maureen Foley’s Home Before Dark to the closing night comedy, Starving Artists, Coventry, The Secret Weapon, Betty’s Secret Weapon, among others). The Woods Hole Film Festival spotlights the work of New England filmmakers (Denis Lahane’s Neighborhoods, . Many of the filmmakers who’s work has been shown at the festival over the past 6 years have gone on to achieve success and critical acclaim in film.

For more information, contact Judy Laster, Woods Hole Film Festival, 50 Longwood Avenue, #1020, Brookline, MA 02146. If you have questions call, 617-232-7784 or Local Sightings at 617-975-336 or visit their web site at