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1 Feb , 1998  

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Here it is... the first public announcement of award winners for the 1998 New England Film and Video Festival, sponsored by the Boston Film and Video Foundation.

Best of Festival •
Repetition Compulsion

Ellie Lee, 35mm, 7 minutes
Sponsored by Technicolor
read an interview with filmmaker Ellie Lee from a past issue of NewEnglandFilm.com

Best Original Story *

Craig Richardson, 35mm, 90 minutes

Animation Honorable Mention •
Asa Nisi Masa

Ian Wilmoth, Rhode Island School Of Design, Video, 3 minutes

Best Cinematography •
El Dia, La Noche, y Los Muertos

Dana Salvo photography, Steve Mykolyn director, 16mm, 30 minutes
Sponsored by Boston Camera Rental

Best Documentary • 
Divided Highways

Lawrence Hott, Video from 16mm, 87 minutes

Outstanding Student Short Subject *

Monica Day, New York University, Video from 16mm, 10 minutes

Best Experimental Film •
Emily Died

Anne Charlotte Robertson, Video from Super-8 original, 27 minutes
Sponsored by Eastman Kodak Company

Innovation and Resourcefulness Award (co-winner) •
The Entire History of the Lousiana Purchase

Joshua Oppenheimer, Harvard University, 16mm, 50 minutes
Sponsored by Boston Film Factory

Animation Honorable Mention *
5 Dreams

Luke Jaeger, 16mm, 7 minutes

Best Genre Parody •
Gas Huffin’ Bad Gals!

Harry McCoy, Video from 16mm original, 25 minutes

Animation Honorable Mention *
Ground Zero/Sacred Ground

Karen Aqua, 35mm, 9 minutes

Best Student Film •
Holy Tortilla

Lauren Ivy Chiong, Boston University, 16 mm, 23 minutes
Sponsored by DuArt Film Laboratories

Best Student Video •
I Change

Ruthie Ristich, Harvard, Video, 3 minutes
Sponsored by DuArt Film Laboratories

Outstanding Personal Vision*
The Jew In The Lotus

Laurel Chiten, 16mm, 60 minutes

Best Experimental Narrative *
Lemonade in October

Flora Cohen, 16mm, 25 minutes

Innovation and Resourcefulness Award (co-winner) •
Little Shots of Happiness

Todd Verow, 16mm from Hi8 video original, 83 minutes
Sponsored by Boston Film Factory

Best Animation •
Man Bites Breakfast

Phil Lord, Dartmouth College, 16mm, 8 minutes
Sponsored by Art NewEngland Magazine

Best Independent Film •
Memory Hatches – A Swedish Inquiry

Fern Seiden, 16mm, 29 minutes
Sponsored by September Productions

Best Independent Video •
Miss India Georgia

Sharon Grimberg and Daniel Friedman, Video, 56 minutes
Sponsored by Rule Broadcast Systems

Best Narrative Short •
The Nose

Eric P. Sherman, 16mm, 15 minutes

Animation Honorable Mention •

Kate Keller, Dartmouth College, 16mm, 2 minutes

Animation Honorable Mention •
Sleazy Goes to France

Chris Miller, Dartmouth College, 16mm, 8 minutes

Honorable Mention *
Sound of Peace

Barry J. Hershey, 35mm, 8 minutes

New England Spirit Award *
A Stranger in the Kingdom

Jay Craven, 35mm, 112 minutes
read a review of Stranger in the Kingdom from a past issue of NewEnglandFilm.com

Breakthrough Award *
Tax Day

Laura Colella, 16mm, 76 minutes
read an interview with filmmaker Laura Colella from a past issue of NewEnglandFilm.com

Animation Honorable Mention *
Uncle Dutch

Julie Anne Jurgens, Rochester Institute of Technology, Video, 3 minutes

Special Merit Award • 

Kathryn Kinney, Video, 3 minutes

• = Judges’ Award

* = Directors’ Choice Award, Sponsored by Boston Film • Video Foundation


Some 1998 New England Film and Video Festival (NEFVF) statistics that are very encouraging about the vitality of media activity in this region: There were 187 works entered this year (a 25% increase over 1997), including: a record number of feature length submissions (21, up from 11 in 1997). Narrative entries outnumbered documentaries this year for the first time in NEFVF history. The 1998 NEFVF will screen 27 award-winning works, compared with 15 works shown last year. Additional screenings and more works were added in response to growing interest in independent productions in New England.

This year’s jury panel was comprised of Kay Armatage (programmer with Toronto International Film Festival and faculty at the University of Toronto), Michelle Materre (director of Robert Flaherty International Film Seminars, and formerly of Women Make Movies), Joshua Seftel (documentary producer, director of 1997 NEF&VF winner Taking on the Kennedys), and Noland Walker (documentary producer, currently working on The African Americans series for WGBH).

The New England Film and Video Festival is presented by the Boston Film • Video Foundation. For more information contact BFVF at 617-536-1540. Primary sponsors include the Sundance Channel, Boston Phoenix, The Charles Hotel, Windsor Street Design Associates, Boston Film Factory, Boston Camera Rental, Eastman Kodak Company, Technicolor, DuArt Film Laboratories, September Productions, Rule Broadcast Systems, Art NewEngland Magazine, and NewEnglandFilm.com

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