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Unsure/Positive (2015)

4 Jun , 2015   Posted by:

Kieran goes on a walk to clear his head- without success.

Kieran (Christian Kiley) goes to get tested for HIV, something he's done many times before. While he waits for his results, he asks the counselor administering the test (Tommy Derrah) about all the questions regarding his 'risk factors.' If the test relies on a chemical reaction to produce its result, then how do his 'risks' 'factor' into the chemistry of the test? A fair question, but an irrelevant one. His test has come back positive.

Three months on, Kieran still hasn't told anyone about his HIV status. Not his roommate, not even his best friend Allie (Amy DePaola). The only person he opens up to is his therapist Alan (Lance Williams), who he finds (ironically) attractive.

After a fight with Allie, Kieran, feeling alienated and detached, makes his way downtown to a small gathering of young gay men, who are smoking crystal meth-- and engaging in the usual risky behaviors.

After missing the next night of work due to the comedown, Allie appears at Kieran's doorstep to confront him about whatever is going on. Kieran relents, and (finally) lets her in. After a difficult heart-to-heart, Allie seems to finally understand why her friend has been so miserable and distant-- but the story doesn't end here. There are plenty more complications coming down the pike.

Director: Christian Daniel Kiley

Writer: Christian Daniel Kiley

Cast: Christian Daniel Kiley, Amy DePaola, Tommy Derrah, Maureen Keiller, Lance A. Williams

Production Company: Unsure Positive Productions and Pretty Strong Girls Productions

Producer: Amy DePaola, Rose Ellen McCaig, McKenna Stephens

Director of Photography: Ben Proulx

Filming Locations: Boston

Budget: 100k

For more information: http://www.unsurepositiveseries.com