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The Lyrical Truth (2014)

5 Jun , 2016   Posted by:

Clara Connors is a survivor of domestic violence through the hands of her late husband Larry Connors.
With the help of Dr.Adler and his new form of Dream-Therapy she dives into her memories of Larry.
Will Clara be able to cope with her past Trauma or will re-living the events cause more damage?
This film was a small low-budget project made in Laconia and Meredith NH throughout the course of
3 years from concept to Production. 12 original songs was created by Jim Baclagon and Ross Boyd.

Director: Jim Baclagon

Writer: Jim Baclagon

Cast: Nerrishia Bodwell, Steven Gonzalez, Nicole Buttermore, Gregory Donrovich, Richard Morten

Production Company: Hysteria Pictures