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The Curse of Cherry Valley (2011)

22 May , 2012   Posted by:

In 1758, 27 people, the entire settlement of Cherry Valley, vanished. Over the years there have been several others who have also vanished from this area. Now 4 paranormal researchers and one reporter investigate the abandoned village where no locals dare go. They never expected to find what they discovered there. two time award winning producer / director Jim Snell brings you this original and unpredictable mind bending thriller that will take you on the unexpected ride of a lifetime. Coming Summer 2012

Director: Jim Snell

Writer: Jim Snell

Cast: Michele Mortensen, Megan Peabody, Anna Rizzo, Tommy DiFranco, Julio Razquin, Scorch, Jim Snell

Production Company: Hill Towne Pictures

Producer: Jim Snell

Distributor: Hill Towne Pictures

Filming Locations: New Hampshire

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/HillTownePictures