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Something Restless (2015)

1 May , 2016   Posted by:

Three vignette stories, each featuring a unique set of actors, thematically meld together into a single story of two college students’ fleeting but impactful time together before they graduate and part ways.

The first explores the negative effects of self-isolation in response to a broken friendship.

The second illustrates the finding of a healing common ground between two individuals with contrasting emotional and physical needs.

The final vignette involves two college students exploring the forest together, knowing that soon one will graduate and move home while facing the finality of their friendship.

2015 Ethan Hendrick

Director: Ethan Hendrick

Writer: Ethan Hendrick, Spencer T Murray, Ben Cowper

Cast: Martin Pobutsky, Maya Rivera, Dani Aldrich, Will Culver, Spencer T Murray, Alexander Campbell, Rose Carr, Nicole DelRosso, Ben Cowper

Producer: Ethan Hendrick

Director of Photography: Ethan Hendrick

Animator: Ethan Hendrick

Filming Locations: Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Mount Norwottuck, Northampton,

Budget: $1,000