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Sins Of Man (2015)

17 Jan , 2016   Posted by:

Mortis is Coming !!

A young girl struggling with the events of her past is rocked when a serial killer strikes her small Maine town . It sends her into a tailspin she may never recover from ... If she survives .

Director: Jamie Santamore

Writer: Jamie Santamore

Cast: Bridgett Keith Adam Ewing Chris Fyfe Ken Messier Carrie Baker Taylor Burns Sawyer Handscome Billie-Jean Messier E.G.Roth Tina Knight Osgood Jessica Arael Marracco Tracy Fleck Rebecca Flaherty

Production Company: Wicked Carnival Productions

Producer: Cristian Goodman Chris Fyfe Ken Messier

Director of Photography: Chris Fyfe

Distributor: Wicked Carnival Productions

Filming Locations: Solon, Scarborough, Sebec, Bridgton, Gorham

Budget: $500.00

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DVD artwork Credit : Debbie Perkins

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