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Rutland, USA (2002)

25 Apr , 2002   Posted by:

Nothing ever happens in the small New England town of Rutland. But everything changes one autumn day when two high school students disappear and a dead body is discovered in the woods. This quiet community is turned upside down while inept local authorities attempt to put all the pieces together. Will the struggling cable access reporter crack the case? Can the school janitor's dead father help him find the deerheaded man? Is the crusty detective ever going to get over not being chosen for grand marshal of the parade?

Director: Chad Meserve

Writer: Chad Meserve and Jon Artigo

Cast: Bob McCracken

Production Company: Ludicrous Productions

Producer: Jon Artigo and Andrea Ajemian

Filming Locations: Rutland, Holden, Worcester, MA

For more information: www.RutlandUSAthemovie.com