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Something Restless

1 May , 2016 | Posted by:

Three vignettes of collegic personal growth

(2015) Directed by Ethan Hendrick

Three vignette stories, each featuring a unique set of actors, thematically meld together into a single story of two college students’ fleeting but impactful time together before they graduate and part ways.

The first explores the negative effects of self-isolation in response to a broken friendship.

The second illustrates the finding of a healing common ground between two individuals with contrasting emotional and physical needs.

The final vignette involves two college students exploring the forest together, knowing that soon one will graduate and move home while facing the finality of their friendship.

2015 Ethan Hendrick

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No Longer – Dorian Pistilli (Music Video)

25 Apr , 2016 | Posted by:

An original song from Tufts University Television's feature film "Affection"

(2016) Directed by Phoebe Cavise

A young student navigates through her high school alongside performer Dorian Pistilli, confronting doubts and personal demons along the way.

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15 Apr , 2016 | Posted by:

Why India celebrates an 18th Century German whom the west wants to forget

(2014) Directed by Christopher Gilbert

Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg is an unlikely hero for a culture so far removed from Halle in Germany. Overcoming his orphan status, chronic illness, the opposition of the Danish church, the Danish East India Company, the Brahmins of the Malabar Coast, and racist colleagues, he restores the Tamil language and its cultural treasures to the lower castes of Tamils, through provision of schools including girls for the first time in South Asia, a script for the vernacular language, the Bible translated. He becomes acknowledged by Indians as an expert in their religions. He defends the Tamil slave population and his mission from the hostilities of the East India company and his CFO back in Copenhagen but within 13 years he dies, age 36 when stress induces the return of his illness. But 300 years later in July 2006 we see the Federal government of India join with the State of Tamil Nadu in promulgating a week of remembrance of all his achievements for Tamil life and culture and issuing a Federal postage stamp in his honour. But why is the west embarrassed to give him the same honour?

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31 Mar , 2016 | Posted by:

(2016) Directed by Phoebe Cavise

“Affection” is a narrative featurette heading to TUTV’s Youtube channel on April 29, 2016.

"Affection" follows Ibby as she befriends a teacher at her school. As their relationship develops online and her teacher divulges more information about himself, she starts to lose faith in the friendship in which she's invested her whole senior year.

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House Of Dreams

21 Mar , 2016 | Posted by:

Sometimes a man's mind can become a House Of Dreams...

(2017) Directed by Dennis Colligan

Sometimes a man's mind can become a House of Dreams...

As Henry’s dream world and waking world collide, he is haunted by his dark side as he longs for a sense of goodness in the world.

House of Dreams is a short film that explores the inner workings of a man’s mind - a man who feels lost, whose inner self wants answers to questions that the outward self he projects to the world can't quite get a grip on. The film asks questions about consciousness, about existence, and what it means to be a human being in these times without presuming to provide answers for the viewer.
The film delves into the mind of a man, played by Jeff Hansen, whose waking world is colliding and overlapping with his dream world. Dream sequences mesh with reality as our main character, haunted by his dark side, longs for a sense of goodness in the world.
As we explore his thoughts and dreams we witness his struggle and come to recognize the increasingly thin line between his dream world and his reality.

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Confused…by Love

12 Feb , 2016 | Posted by:

A non-social author and his wife, invites his successful best friend & former ex-girlfriend to stay with them to save their home from foreclosure.

(2016) Directed by Crosby Tatum

FERGUSON MIDDLEBECKER, an up and coming author and his wife, TIFFANY MARIE MIDDLEBECKER, a well known “shock jock”, and after-hours socialite in the city, are a married couple, who are falling on hard times in their marriage and finances.

Things between the two hit a “boiling point” when Ferguson and Tiffany’s house is suddenly up for foreclosure due to them falling behind on their mortgage payments.

All hope seems lost until REGGIE MAXWELL; Ferguson’s financially successful college friend appears out of nowhere, without a place to stay; along his girlfriend, JOLINE “JO-JO” THOMPSON, who is also Ferguson’s “eccentric” & gorgeous ex-girlfriend.

To save their home from being foreclosed, and their credit as well, Ferguson and Tiffany both make a deal to have Reggie and Jo-Jo stay with them, to help pay their mortgage back payments off in five days.

Secret truths, attractions, and sparks all become revealed as two couple’s lives are suddenly at a crossroads, and the decisions they both make will affect them, and everyone around them, both personally, and financially as well.

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Memento Mortis

8 Feb , 2016 | Posted by:

People are just dying to work with us

(2015) Directed by Adam Chandonnet

Shay uses dead bodies as props in her erotic photography. Everything was going well until she fell in love with Mason, who soon discovers her morbid secret and helps bring her photos to an even deadlier level of excitement.

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Hello Joe

29 Jan , 2016 | Posted by:

A disappearing actress causes her young filmmaker to spiral into reverie and madness.

(2016) Directed by Wallace Wan

Hello Joe is about a young filmmaker, Joe, who can’t finish his movie, THE BLOOD OF INNOCENTS. His girlfriend and lead actress, Louise, recently left both him and the production. Joe is devastated. He watches footage of Louise over and over in the editing room; he hangs around his now empty apartment, projecting her image onto the walls to keep himself company. In an attempt to recast Louise's role, Joe begins riding the T for days on end, shooting discreetly the women he sees in public. He imagines what his life could be like with any one of them, but the thought of consummating any of these fantasies constitutes a step he is somehow unable to take.

Simultaneously, a young woman named Jean works as a drug runner for some small-time gangsters, delivering packages in the linings of her extravagant clothing. She also takes the T to work, traveling mindlessly from location to location, meeting people she doesn't know and will never see again. As she tires of her day job, she launches dangerously into her own dreams of making movies, and in them: frustrated directors, disappearing actresses, the blood of innocents the city over...

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20 Jan , 2016 | Posted by:

A homeless man must overcome the demons in his head to find his way home.

(2014) Directed by Jennifer Potts

A homeless man must overcome the demons in his head to find his way home.

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19 Jan , 2016 | Posted by:

film noir of gritty Boston

(2016) Directed by Claudio Jimenez

Inspire by true events of gritty Boston, In this film noir the mood is set by Betty who has calculated a plan for her husband' s fate.