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Philter (2012)

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Elam and Scout, two college buddies, invent and sell a love potion cocktail to mend broken relationships and assist blossoming romances. They keep the 'philter' underground by offering it secretly in their nightclub. However, their noble intentions are abused by those with more selfish and corrupt desires of the heart, including the despicable financiers. Elam and Scout's friendship is challenged when they become conflicted regarding the ethics of their invention. Their respective romances are also impacted by each guy's choice whether to utilize the love potion in his own relationship or not. Their illegal operation is eventually exposed and exploited by a secret government agency that wants to use the philter for covert intelligence operations. Now Elam and Scout must try to rectify the damage they've done to those who used the love potion and prevent further abuse by international superpowers ... all the while remaining best friends.

Director: Jason Lane Fenton

Writer: Jason Lane Fenton

Cast: Elam "E-Lame" Roland Heinz ♥ Gregory PetersonScout Reid Mathis ♥ Jason Lane FentonRenee Donovan ♥ Sarah BlodgettMichelle O'Brien ♥ Lara LarsenJarvis Dell ♥ Frank TararaJarvis' Bodyguard #1 ♥ Mike TokatlyanJarvis' Bodyguard #2 ♥ Justin CarrascoAgent Troy ♥ Dan MerrimanAgent Troy Sidekick #1 ♥ Jin BunAgent Troy Sidekick #2 ♥ Austin AuhNick ♥ Jorge MartinezTom Woolard ♥ Neil Armstrong MassaJenna Woolard ♥ Shannon MuhsBrian O'Neil ♥ Jon StaffordSenator Herbert Littlefield ♥ Scott GiangrandeCrystal ♥ Melissa Jo PenneyWaitress #1 ♥ Holly HansonBartender ♥ Brooke CasanovaMaggie ♥ Amanda FitzgeraldMark Skeffington ♥ John SaroGilly ♥ Laura ChandlerKim ♥ Marty SeegerJeremy ♥ Matthew ZahnzingerAbby Buttaro ♥ Elise WulfDrew ♥ Jon StaffordRA #1 ♥ Nickolaus MatchesonRA #2/Scout's Friend ♥ Justin WilsonRA #3 ♥ Amanda BruceCrystal's Roommate ♥ Kim BarlowDavid/RA Direct ♥ Bill DeRushaMike ♥ Shaun BedgoodTim ♥ Tyler PeckNicole Jordan ♥ Diane NeedhamKelly ♥ Juliet LeydonDaniel ♥ Rob JeannotteStephanie ♥ Tanya HuttonDerek ♥ Mark SicklerJennifer ♥ Kendra JendroJarod ♥ Jim JendroSpray Paint Girl ♥ Morgan GavaletzPolice Officer ♥ Nathan MatchesonElevator Guy ♥ Alex FlemingElevator Girl ♥ Tina MargiottaNews Anchor #1 ♥ Fiex TheveninNews Anchor #2 ♥ Sara WalshNeighbor ♥ Karen DervinBarfly ♥ Christian HutchinsonMole ♥ Christen HutchinsonWaitress #2 ♥ Jaime HennesseyBouncer ♥ Joe GrzybalaPolitician Jogger ♥ Bryan MckeonPolitician's Bodyguard ♥ Jesse ChristensenJason ♥ Timothy Hunt Jr.Scout's Teammate #1 ♥ Jennifer SheaScout's Teammate #2/Scout's Girl #2 ♥ Renee PrelackElam's Teammate #1 ♥ Dina BakerScout's Girl #1 ♥ Dorothy EagleScout & Michelle's Professor ♥ Shoney WallaceMichelle's Boyfriend #1 ♥ Michael PetelleMichelle's Boyfriend #2 ♥ Donald ChisolmSenator Littlefield's Wife ♥ Doreen DeshlerParty Girl #1 ♥ Kayla ZaniboniParty Girl #2 ♥ Ana VazParty Girl #3 ♥ Ashley AbgayNerd from Ice Cream Shop with Crystal ♥ Jerry MeadowsJarvis' Lawyer ♥ Dug MichaudPizza Delivery Person ♥ Gregory DoddHappy Train Guy ♥ Nick BrazilHappy Train Girl ♥ Jenna "Womp Womp"BrazilMale Extra in Nearly Every Scene ♥ Ken WinchesterExtra Married to Male Extra in Nearly Every Scene ♥ Erika WinchesterHot Club Dancing Girl #1 ♥ Melissa FitzgeraldHot Club Dancing Girl #2 ♥ Julie Gagnon♥ EXTRAS ♥Felicia BarryJillian BarryBrigid BattellStephanie BaierElly BerkeOlivia BrownleeDonna J. BruceCharlene CarsonFritz CerialesTheresa DagumboyKelly DavisAdam DennisonRuth DeSantisErin DiskinJoshua DoranAlexandra FeskoeJulie FeskoeLauren FlahertyAlex FlemingMelinda FulkPaul GardAzad GualtieriMichael GualtieriJoe HansenNikki DePasquale HansenVictoria KandoTam LymCorinne MesaBrendan NolanWilliam NolascoVictorina SandersAmanda StephensKristyna TchirErin WalshTyber WhiteGarner Willis Jr.

Production Company: Visually Sound Pictures LLC

Producer: Jason Lane Fenton, Gregory Peterson, Neil Armstrong Massa and Nicole Nance

Director of Photography: Jason Lane Fenton

Filming Locations: Boston, Arlington, Waltham

For more information: www.visuallysoundpictures.com