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Paperthin (2015)

5 Jun , 2015   Posted by:

When Susana leaves Romania with a dream of experiencing a richer life, she arrives in Boston, a city full of strangers and foreign culture. She settles into an apartment and eases into her new life by writing in a journal every evening and committing a private life to its pages. She strikes up a friendship, and eventually a relationship, with her roommate Adam, a budding writer who commits his private life to poetry he reads onstage.

Just as Susana feels comfortable in her new home in Boston, her journal goes missing. Frantic, she tears the apartment apart, looking for the pages that contain intimate information and deep secrets. When she begins to suspect that Adam may have taken the journal, she must ask herself if the one person she has let into her life is the last person she can trust.

Director: Trent England

Writer: Evin Charles Anderson

Cast: Susana - Elsa McLaughlin, Adam - Evin Charles Anderson

Production Company: Waverley Knobs Entertainment

Producer: Evin Charles Anderson

Director of Photography: Tatiana Ivan

Filming Locations: Boston, Cambridge & Dorchester, MA

Budget: $1,500

For more information: http://paperthinfilm.com/