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Little Red Riding Hood (2009)

18 Apr , 2011   Posted by:

A satirized version of the iconic fairy tale retold with more than a few 'twists'. Little Red Riding Hood is sent out on an errand to bring her ailing Grandmother some nourishment. On the way, she crosses paths with The Wolf (David Luce), a deranged sadistic psychopath who immediately begins to make trouble for her in a big way. Can she find the inner woman inside her to vanquish this beast?

Director: J.L. Carrozza

Writer: J.L. Carrozza

Cast: Charli Henley, David Luce, Jonathan Daire, J.L. Carrozza, Neil Cicierega

Production Company: Gen-Y Films

Producer: Kalle Ruonala, J.L. Carrozza

Director of Photography: J.L. Carrozza

Filming Locations: Plymouth, MA, Duxbury, MA, Bridgewater, MA, Kingston, MA.

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