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Just Your Average Arab (2006)

27 Mar , 2017   Posted by:

Just Your Average Arab is a comedy in which Arab-American characters meet in the storage room of a convenience store where they take an “Arab American Survival Guide post 9/11” class. The characters learn how to change their names, appearance, and accents to look more “American” and to avoid scrutiny from a terrorist-fearing American public. What follows is a hilarious ride that combines political anxiety, comedy, satire, and a script that will cause you to laugh and think.

Director: Raouf Zaki

Writer: Raouf Zaki, Gary Chafetz, Ahmed Ahmed

Cast: Ahmed Ahmed as Ahmed Ahmed, Rima Mulla as Leila, Shahir Dos as Ossama, Salma Milia as Bellydancer, Peter Khoury as Habib, Dr. Ashraf Selim as Abdullah

Production Company: RA Vision Productions

Producer: Raouf Zaki, Chris Smalley

Director of Photography: Christo Bakalov

Filming Locations: RA Vision Productions, Nobscot Convenience Store, MCI Framingham

For more information: http://www.ravision.net/