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Hello Joe (2016)

29 Jan , 2016   Posted by:

Hello Joe is about a young filmmaker, Joe, who can’t finish his movie, THE BLOOD OF INNOCENTS. His girlfriend and lead actress, Louise, recently left both him and the production. Joe is devastated. He watches footage of Louise over and over in the editing room; he hangs around his now empty apartment, projecting her image onto the walls to keep himself company. In an attempt to recast Louise's role, Joe begins riding the T for days on end, shooting discreetly the women he sees in public. He imagines what his life could be like with any one of them, but the thought of consummating any of these fantasies constitutes a step he is somehow unable to take.

Simultaneously, a young woman named Jean works as a drug runner for some small-time gangsters, delivering packages in the linings of her extravagant clothing. She also takes the T to work, traveling mindlessly from location to location, meeting people she doesn't know and will never see again. As she tires of her day job, she launches dangerously into her own dreams of making movies, and in them: frustrated directors, disappearing actresses, the blood of innocents the city over...

Director: Wallace Wan

Writer: Wallace Wan

Production Company: Bag Man Films

Producer: Emile Colburn

Director of Photography: Chow Gibb

Distributor: Harvard University

Filming Locations: Boston/Cambridge/Somerville