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Ghost Light (2014)

21 Jun , 2016   Posted by:

Ghost Light Poster 1

After a school shooting, stage manager Erin is a miss, her emotions bundled up inside her. Using the mantra, the show must go on, Erin rallies her cast and crew in face of campus lockdown to put on a commemorative stage performance. Putting all her engergy into the task, when the curtain rises and the notes of the first song hit, she finally has a moment to reflect, and, seeing her friends come together, her school come together, she's able to finally grasp her emotions.

Director: David Charpentier

Writer: Leah Thomas

Cast: Ellen Humphreys; Julie Ann Earls; Jimmy Blackmon; Adam Eramo

Production Company: Callahan Films; Boston University

Producer: Michael Callahan

Director of Photography: Oleg Bolotov

Filming Locations: Wheaton College; Boston University

Budget: $3000

For more information: https://vimeo.com/channels/ghostlight