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Geezers (1999)

10 Jun , 1999   Posted by:

An elderly widower (Willie McKee) and his buddy Vic drive from Boston to the suburban town Willie left 60 years ago in search of Willie's long-lost love. These old geezers haven't left Boston since the end of World War II, and team up to find Willie's true love, toll change, coffee and someplace to pee. As Willie puts it, they may be old, but they still feel. They still love. A funny, touching story told with flashbacks to 1939 and two memorable characters in Willie and Vic.

Director: Peter Bohush

Writer: Peter Bohush

Cast: Sam d'Entremont (Willie); Howie Nickerson (Vic); David Morwick [NBC's Sunset Beach] (Wily); Jennifer Jones (Arleen); Cecilia d'Entremont (Mrs. Schmidt)

Filming Locations: Mass. Turnpike toll booth; Shrewsbury Town Hall (as 1939 backlot street); Boston waterfront; Green Line T; Quinsigamond State Park; various other locations

For more information: www.bohush.com