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26 Jan , 2009 | Posted by:

(2010) Directed by Jill Poisson

Rhode Island University's Geek Houses Chi Chi Lamdba (Sorority) and Sigma Theta Delta (Fraternity) are holding their annual Pledge Rush. It's time for the final test a timed run through The Maize. Of course, thats too boring. Scaring the Pledges to death is always fun too, although this year someone is taking 'to death' a little too far.

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28 Nov , 2008 | Posted by:

(2009) Directed by Christopher Di Nunzio

A mysterious cult has decided to take a new direction in giving Victor, a hard working trusted member, a promotion. However, his cruel minded disciples have decided to take action of their own. Growing tired of their monotonous plans, they begin to take their malevolent acts one step further. In a world seemingly far removed from Victor's, two young girls, Annabel and Tina, are trying to make changes in their own lives. Annabel prepares for a second date with Jerry, a man she met online, while Tina keeps focused on an important meeting that is sure to open up new doors in her life. Soon these two worlds collide as Annabel and Tina find themselves deep within the belly of the beast, and the long, dark history of a secret organization is revealed.

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The Pumpkin Man

16 May , 2008 | Posted by:

(2001) Directed by Andy Davis and Scott Morabito

A reclusive pumpkin farmer is invaded by two teenage boys who meet thier demise at the hands of the farmer's alter ego.

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Pony Trouble

2 Feb , 2006 | Posted by:

(2005) Directed by Warren Lynch

What happens when giant corporation Megatoy sends a team of documentary filmmakers out into the field to see how people play with their toys? A lighthearted comedy about necromancy, cannibalism and plastic horses. It's a completely new and modern take on fantasy and dark comedy for the new millennium with enough love, sex and violence for the whole family to enjoy!

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Eating Razors (a love story)

2 Feb , 2006 | Posted by:

(2005) Directed by Ron DeCaro

Two years after losing his wife Laura in a car crash, Trent struggles to let go. Now, an alcoholic short on money, he is a man on a mission. As his remaining relationships erode around him it becomes clear what needs to be done...but how far will Trent go to be reunited with his lost love?

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11 May , 2005 | Posted by:

(2005) Directed by Mark Laquerre

A wooden turtle form Zimbabwe is sent to a local college town in order to avenge the horrible act of deforestation on its home jungle. This 1920's inspired silent film will shock you!.

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The Basement

31 Mar , 2005 | Posted by:

(2004) Directed by Joel Nawskon

A fighter is locked in the basement of a maniac, and his best friend has to save him.

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Final Curtain Part 3 — Intermission

24 May , 2004 | Posted by:

(2003) Directed by Mike Goodreau

Twice before, actors were killed while rehearsing the doomed play 'The Battle of Taft.' The actors at the Cobbleville Playhouse in New York figure this show would give them the tremendous publicity they need. What they don't realize is that the main character, British spy Ethan Carver, wants to tell his own story. One by one, the actors fall prey to the vicious Ethan's deadly wrath until the last few survivors are forced to face him. Can anyone stop this maniac before it's too late?

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Mystic Blood: The Kindling

5 Mar , 2004 | Posted by:

(2004) Directed by Hans Hartman

An evil spirit has been raised. It wants two things, blood and revenge. now it is up to the great grandson of the man who sent him away the first time to win or loose in a fight of good verese evil.

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Blanket Time 4

7 Dec , 2003 | Posted by:

(2003) Directed by Branden Hill

Two guys who are forced to seek help after they're car breaks down, discover gruesome murders at the hands of an apparent Blanket.