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Daylight Savings (1997)

11 Dec , 2003   Posted by:

Daylight Savings is a 90's workplace satire based on the diverse relationships we all must endure and rely on to survive in the modern office environment. It's an offbeat take on a funny group of guys whose personalities are often bigger than the jobs they do, or the cubicles they occupy. Mikhail and his wise-cracking cohorts plod their way through coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and heartbreaks at a typical large corporation -- where the employees often function in their sleep, coping by using large doses of caffeine and humor.

Director: Ken Shaw

Writer: Ken Shaw

Cast: Ken Shaw, Jennifer Adams, Wayne Mitchell, and Paula Foye

Production Company: Panic Pictures (Somerville, MA)

Producer: Kelly Lawman, Sean Kirby and Chris St. Cyr

For more information: http://www.citizenken.com/microfilm/