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Could Be Worse! (2000)

28 Jul , 2000   Posted by:

In this genre-busting feature, director Zachary Stratis plays himself - a filmmaker trying to get his traditional Greek-American family to make a musical film celebrating their lives. When the character Zack tells his family that the film will include the fact that he is gay, the fireworks begin. His father is dead set against his publicly 'coming out' and his brother and sisters decide that the film should be about them. As the family takes over Zack's film, their musical numbers reflect each family member's unique slant on life. The twist is that it's all real - Zack's actual family play themselves and the issues that unfold are from the heart.

Director: Zachary Stratis

Writer: Zachary Stratis/Vilma Gregoropoulos

Production Company: Midburb Productions Inc.

Producer: Zachary Stratis/Vilma Gregoropoulos

Director of Photography: Vilma Gregoropoulos

Animator: Mary Kocol