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A Bloodless Crime (2014)

17 Aug , 2015   Posted by:

A Bloodless Crime is a dark comedy, produced for 48 Hour Film Project, NH in 2014. Starring Carlton Greene, Dan Larson and Jacqueline Dubois, it's a hilarious, 5-minute maelstrom of LUST, BETRAYAL and MURDER. Directed by Ben Peirce and co-written by Peirce, P.J. Huot and RC Victorino, A Bloodless Crime won an Audience Choice Award at the New Hampshire 48 Hour Film Project and was also nominated for Best Writing and Best Actor (Dan Larson).

Director: Ben Peirce

Writer: P.J. Huot, Ben Peirce, RC Victorino

Cast: Dan Larson, Carlton Green, Jacqueline Dubois, Dominique Del Prete, Jay Syrene, Ben Arsenault, P.J. Huot

Production Company: Pilotgroove Pictures

Producer: Ben Peirce

Director of Photography: Jay Syrene, RC Victorino

Filming Locations: Manchester, NH

For more information: http://pilotgroove.com/