Seeking Short Scripts for “Love and Distance”

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Frog Pond Films

Frog Pond Films Seeks Short Scripts for “Love and Distance”
Call for screenwriters, playwrights, director/writers, actor/writers to apply to write 2-10 minute screenplays as part of a short film project: “Love and Distance”. This project will be produced and shot using video conferencing only.

We are seeking scripts that broadly fall under the theme of love in the immediate present time of the pandemic. The specific setting for your segment must be the rooms where the laptops in the videoconference are located.

Although the theme of the piece is love over distance, the characters in a given segment need not be romantic lovers. There may be parents and children, grand-parents, co-workers, besties, etc. We expect that most scripts will be two characters, but that is not a requirement as long as the segment can be shot safely.

We welcome scripts with a diversity of ethnicities, ages, gender identities, relationship styles, etc. The characters don’t even have to be human (pet love, anyone?). However, the focus of the script should be on the relationships, not on any particular identities.

Scripts may have multiple scenes and span a range of time. Nothing too complicated – we want to shoot each script in a single day. We won’t have lighting, wardrobe or makeup people, although it might be possible to drop off a costume at an actor’s home.

Writers will receive a small fee, plus participation in the (unlikely) net profits of the project. All writers will be compensated equally. Contracts will be under typical indie screenplay terms: accepted scripts may be modified and directors will have final cut. The overall budget will be around $3,000 – $5,000.

To apply:

Send a CV/resume along with a short writing sample and/or link to a reel to If you have an existing script you want to adapt, send that. Otherwise, send a one or two paragraph treatment with a character and location breakdown.

We are not asking for finished screenplays at this time.

Also, if you are interested in acting in or directing your piece, let us know and include photo/resume/web links as appropriate.

Please send your initial submissions by March 30.

Bob Stachel

Abigail Moldover

“Love and Distance”

Frog Pond Films

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