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Hi, my name is Dylan, I’m a New England independent film maker and I’m looking for a lead actress for my feature film

Plot: Coming Back for You is a psychological horror film about a couple who accidently hit and kill a woman with their car; but decide to hide the body since one of them just got out of jail and doesn’t want to risk going back. After hiding the body, they’re haunted by the spirit of the woman who is back… for revenge!!! But is the ghost real, or is it there gu…ilt playing tricks on them ?

Role: Mandy – sweet, loving, down ro earth, caring wild, jokey, unpredicable, frisky, wound up, tough, a bit crazy

Age: late 20’s – Mid 30’s

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Union Status: Non-Union

Pay: Yes

Filming location: Bellingham Massachusetts

Filming dates: 30 days over several Saturdays, April-December

Nudity & simulated lesbian sex scene required (only an R rated movie levels of it)

Food will be provided on set

Please submit headshot and resume and ALL INQUIRIES to

Pay Terms: 75 dollars a day (this is negotiable)

Union Status: Non-Union

Gender (for Casting only): Female

Ages (for Casting only): 26-34

Email your details to