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2015 | Directed by Gina Catalfo Nelson

A heartwarming, teenage love story about trust and accepting others for exactly who they are. Noah begins to fall in love with his new neighbor Becky, only to find out she has a secret.

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2013 | Directed by Alfred Thomas Catalfo

Rocketship is a 15-minute family drama in which an unlikely bond is forged between a lonely boy and an elderly man claiming to be a former astronaut. Together, they transform a vintage vacuum cleaner into a rocketship for a surprising journey. The film is inspired by the rocketship sculptures of artist David Random. Rocketship was an Official Selection of the New Hampshire Film Festival (Jury Award for NH Film of the Year), SNOB Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival (Winner, KidsEye Award), Mill Valley Film Festival sponsored by the California Film Institute, LA Shorts Fest, Boston Film Festival, Louisville’s Festival of Films, Northampton International Film Festival, Coney Island Film Festival, Knoxville Film Festival and the Cleveland International Film Festival, where it was named one the CIFF’s 20 “Must See Films” out of 345 films (180 features and 165 shorts) screened over 12 days. The CIFF review said, “It’s magical. It’s epic. The little boy who plays the lead is fantastic.” In June, 2014, Rocketship was featured at the 17th Dances With Films in Los Angeles, one of the film industry’s premier showcases for emerging talent. Starting in February, 2015, Rocketship is being featured inflight on Virgin Airlines worldwide.

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2014 | Directed by Sharyn Paul Brusie

Liz documents the profound personal journey for survival of a young woman named Liz Leddy. Homeless at 13, Liz lived a tragic life of despair, raging behavior and a brutal fight to survive on the streets. Living in abandoned buildings on the waterfront of Portland, Maine, she battled alcoholism, an eating disorder, being raped, beaten, and a dark world of chaos. Eventually, her self-loathing led to daily thoughts of suicide. With raw grit and extraordinary conviction, Liz surrendered the struggle and found peace when she turned her fight to the boxing ring. She proved to be her own heroine in finding enough courage and strength to say yes to a new way of living.

Filmed over four years, we follow Liz as she reclaims her life from desperation, to a place of love, forgiveness and hope. Her dreams manifest as she becomes a favorite for competing in the 2012 Olympics…. the first time in history women have had the opportunity to compete in the Olympic sport of boxing. Liz’s story is an inspirational tale about a human being who awakens and relentlessly rises up through hard knocks, addiction, wins, losses, physical abuse, emotional abuse and self abuse to become an exceptional athlete and spiritually aware woman.

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The Routine

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2014 | Directed by Brian Groh

Capturing the unsettling essence of a Twilight Zone episode and the sci-fi tone of a Ray Bradbury story, this reflective short film casts a bleak look at how technology can backfire at bringing us closer together, unintentionally creating more isolation and loneliness than ever before, sometimes leading to harrowing and tragic results.

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2012 | Directed by sam smiley

Underwater was shot in the waters of Cape Cod in Provincetown, Massachusetts as a collaboration between video artist sam smiley and musician and performer Zoe Lewis. smiley’s cinematography takes the viewer on an underwater tour in and through the water as Zoe performs her music.

Shot completely underwater by sam smiley, it is a mesmerizing and beautiful adaptation of Lewis’s song. It features tidal pools, angry crabs, inquisitive fish, and Zoe, effervescent, with her cardboard ukelele. “Underwater” is a musical selection from Lewis’s latest album, “Rotary Phone”. Rotary Phone celebrates the simpler side of life with 10 great songs full of gypsy and brazillian grooves, a touch of french flair, a little swing and even a taste of India!

For more info about Zoe Lewis, go to For more info about smiley’s underwater video work, go to

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Whaddya Gonna Do with All Those Zucchinis?

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2014 | Directed by Kenric Kite

Sunburned face, scratched up knees; my garden’s choked with zucchinis! Every August, Vermont gardens go viral with gigantic zucchinis. Hidden under enormous leaves, they grow so fast in summer’s heat that they become oversized and tough before gardeners know they’re there. Free zukes can often be found at the ends of people’s driveways. But what if all your neighbors have the same problem? What if nobody wants them? And what if you forget to, say, lock your car? Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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11 Paper Place

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2014 | Directed by Daniel Houghton

11 Paper Place is a love story about two 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper that magically transform into paper people as they are spit out of a malfunctioning printer into a recycling bin.

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The Theft

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2014 | Directed by Gauri Adelkar

Set against the backdrop of modern day India, The Theft is the story of four people caught in a situation that sets the stage for the induction of innocent young minds into a class and caste based society. Seven-year-old Arjun and his mother Ira have just moved from the US to Mumbai, India. Pandu, is their new servant and shy eight-year-old Bhima is Pandu’s son. One afternoon, a large sum of money goes missing from Ira’s home and they are all thrown into a storm of revelations when Ira accuses Pandu of the theft. Will they find the truth?

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The Watershed

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2014 | Directed by Elise Hugus

For decades, nutrients from human waste have been seeping out of septic systems and into the groundwater. Excess nitrogen and phosphorus now threaten a majority of Cape Cod’s estuaries, endangering critical ecosystems, the shellfish industry, and tourism-reliant economies.

In revealing portraits of the people affected by nutrient pollution, THE WATERSHED brings this mostly-invisible problem into sharp focus. For shellfisherman John Perry, algae has choked out the once-abundant quahog habitat in his backyard estuary, putting his livelihood at risk. Emma Jo Mills is a Wampanoag artist who grew up eating fish from Santuit Pond. Thirty years later, the algae pollution is so bad she no longer can eat the fish and rarely ventures out to kayak.

With input from scientists, aquaculture experts, and local oyster farmers, this short documentary offers the natural filtering capacity of shellfish as a partial solution to the problem. But despite the promises of aquaculture, is it too much to ask Mother Nature to solve the problems of over-development?

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Denali – “Live Free or Die” Ft. Ron Paul

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2062 |

Revolution is among us all; but will it lead to another world war, or will it be a spiritual revolution of true human intelligence and enlightenment?