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8 Sep , 2020   Posted by: Gabbyrosson7


Salvation is a 1950s period piece about friendship, betrayal, and revenge. When two long-lost friends reunite under strange circumstances, they’re forced to face the consequences of their past, even if it means losing each other forever.

Film Details

Director: Gabrielle Rosson

Writer: Gabrielle Rosson

Year of Release: 2020

Running Time: 12 mins

New England Connection: I live and work on Cape Cod.

Director(s) Bio:: Gabrielle Rosson lives, works, and makes art on Cape Cod. She graduated Phi Theta Kappa with a degree in Liberal Arts from Cape Cod Community College in 2016 and was the student commencement speaker for her graduating class. While at CCCC, Gabrielle wrote and performed a ten-minute play called Unhappy Endings that would become the origins of Get Up Eight, her first award-winning short film.

Gabrielle graduated Magna Cum Laude at Bridgewater State University with her English BA in May of 2019 and has been writing, directing, and producing her own content ever since. Her second short film, Salvation, wrapped shooting in September 2019 and has been submitted to the independent film festival circuit. She is currently in pre-production for her next major short film: Dessert, a story about saying "Yes" to the sweeter things in life.

Number of shooting days: 2

Editing software: Adobe Premiere

Budget: 6,000

Financed by: Friends & Family