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8 Sep , 2020   Posted by: taylorhunter


Johny is a small town executioner, slaying sinners who break the law. But Johny doesn’t want to be an executioner….he’d rather be a dancer.

Film Details

Director: Taylor (TJ) Hunter

Writer: Taylor Hunter and Luke Chaffee

Year of Release: 2020

Running Time: 15 minutes

New England Connection: The entirety of JOHNY's cast and crew live in and around Portland, Maine. Our location, a large farm, is located in Acton, Maine.

Director(s) Bio:: Taylor (TJ) Hunter is a director from Salt Lake City, Utah but currently lives in Portland, Maine. He has directed a number of short films including End of Cult, The Most Precious Thing and JOHNY.

Number of shooting days: 3

Camera Used: Sony a7iii

Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Budget: $2,500

Financed by: Crowd funding (Kickstarter, etc)