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8 Sep , 2020   Posted by: marionosullivan


Two filmmakers discuss a newly written horror script, but realize that many of the tropes that are considered to be “classic” are actually detrimental to the genre.

Film Details

Director: Marion O'Sullivan

Writer: Marion O'Sullivan

Year of Release: 2019

Running Time: 6:02

New England Connection: The writer and director of this film, as well as the entire cast and crew, are affiliated with the University of Rhode Island. The film was also shot in Rhode Island.

Director(s) Bio:: Far from her home state of Mississippi, Marion O'Sullivan attended the University of Rhode Island where she studied Film Media. Having worked on productions such as N0S4A2, as well as her own short horror films Dysmorphia (2019) and Creepshow (2019), Marion is especially passionate about the horror genre, but also about activism and equal representation, which she strives to incorporate into her art.

Number of shooting days: 2

Camera Used: Canon C300ii

Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Budget: $1000

Financed by: Other