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Recipe For Disaster: Green Crabs In The Great Marsh

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3 Sep , 2019   Posted by: WalkerCreekMedia


When faced with an invasive species and the prospect of ecological devastation, residents along the New England coast are in search of a sustainable solution to save the marsh.

Recipe For Disaster tells the story of the little-known invasion that is threatening an entire New England ecosystem, and the struggle of local experts and residents to understand and prevent this catastrophe. Driven by the rising temperatures in the Gulf of Maine, billions of green crabs have overrun the abundant natural marshes on coastal Massachusetts, decimating the populations of clams, scallops, mussels, and eelgrass that birds and fish depend upon to survive. In just a few short years of explosive population growth, the damage caused by green crabs has local residents and experts rushing to avert irreparable destruction with approaches such as transplanting eelgrass and paying fishermen to trap the crabs for compost.

The most promising solution, however, is popping up on gourmet restaurant menus in the form of green crab roe.

This short, powerful documentary film explores one aspect of the consequences of climate change that are echoed in coastal communities around the world, with stunning footage of the beautiful marshes and estuaries whose salvation may come on a dinner plate.

Film Details

Director: Nubar Alexanian

Writer: Nubar Alexanian

Year of Release: 2019

Running Time: 7.0

New England Connection: Walker Creek Media is based in Gloucester, MA

Director(s) Bio:: Nubar Alexanian is an acclaimed photojournalist who has worked for magazines in the U.S & Europe including Life Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic and many others. He has six books in print, including JAZZ with Wynton Marsalis, Nonfiction Photographs with filmmaker Errol Morris and GLOUCESTER: When The Fish Came First. His production company, Walker Creek Media, LLC was created in 2006 and produces documentary films for non-profits including Recipe For Disaster: Green Crabs In The Great Marsh and Calling All Chefs.

Camera Used: Canon C300, GoPro,

Editing software: Premiere Pro

Budget: $27,000

Financed by: Friends & Family

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